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Precovery Services


Before drug and alcohol treatment at our California rehab can even begin, a person must be willing or become willing to go through the rehabilitation process. In some cases there is need for an intervention. An intervention occurs when a person is not quite ready to get sober and family members and friends along with the help of an intervention specialist lovingly confront him or her. Design for Change Recovery Services has intervention specialists with very high success rates. A successful intervention results in the individual agreeing to participate in a program for alcohol treatment, cocaine treatment, or whatever the substance of choice might be.


Many times when an individual enters an alcohol or heroin rehab center they are still under the influence or the physical and psychological cravings of substances. This process can increase anxiety and other negative emotions and needs to be done in a safe setting under the care of medical professional. The detox program at Design for Change Recovery Services combines medical and therapeutic methods to help safely detox clients so that the recovery process can begin.


Design for Change Recovery Services is an intimate, small, and affordable rehab center, exceptional in the world of recovery treatment centers. We limit the number of clients we have at one time to only 12 and have a client/counselor ratio of 1:4. This is practically unheard of, but we do it because it works – and the point of rehab is for it to work, not for someone to come back again and again. Our assessment draws out exactly what the individual client needs and compassionately addresses difficult issues, symptoms and other problematic areas that may have never been addressed in the past. We believe this level of compassion, empathy, honesty and patience is what creates our great results and lets our clients go on to leave sober, healthy lives after they leave. The client is assessed by medical professionals as well as therapists and works one on one with these professionals as well as other staff members to get a complete comprehensive picture. We have found our assessment process to be one of the reasons our drug and alcohol rehab programs in California are so successful.

Recovery Services

Effective, Individualized Treatment

The special thing about Design for Change Recovery Services is that it is a hands on program designed completely for the individual client, from marijuana rehab to heroin rehabilitation. We understand that people with substance abuse problems have probably developed some type of distorted views of what is happening in their world and this can create negative thought and action patterns that are detrimental and very difficult to break. By using a process called facilitation counseling, we address these issues from a cognitive or logical perspective, a developmental perspective and a sociological perspective. By using all three of these various methods, the thought patterns are more easily understood and broken down so that recovery can happen faster than at many drug rehabilitation centers in California.

At Design for Change Recovery Services the facilitation counseling method has proven to be a very effective measure in our recovery program and we successfully integrate it with the 12-step process.

Who Needs What?

Our recovery services range depending on the severity of the person’s disorder as well as what type of treatment best accommodates his or her personal needs. All of our treatment tracks are individualized and we place a strict emphasis on the importance of understanding each of our client’s unique needs and problems so we can create solutions that work. We offer pain medication abuse treatment, oxycontin rehab treatment along with treatment for street drugs like heroin and ecstasy rehab.

30, 60, 90

We offer treatment tracks of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 6 months. Treatment programs that are 1, 2, or 3 months are very intensive and can be useful for individuals with first time recovery problems. Aside from helping cleanse the body of drugs and alcohol during this time, we provide tools and are committed to making sure these clients have the strength, confidence and support they need when they leave Design for Change Recovery Services. We offer aftercare options, which can include sober coaching, outpatient care and other individualized treatment packages that are created depending on the situation. Our strong group support system has been very helpful for our clients transitioning back into the real world, particularly from non 12 step rehab centers.

Six Months

Design for Change Recovery Services also offers a 6-month program that couples 3 months of intensive inpatient rehabilitation with 3 months of transitional sober living. Six months can sound like a long time but years, even decades of drug abuse, alcoholism and the cycle of relapse run deep. This course of treatment is often utilized for individuals who have struggled with relapse in the past or have had an experience at other low cost rehab centers that were just not right for them, and sometimes it can be for the almost “hopeless”. We believe there is always hope, but sometimes the treachery of alcohol and drugs can feel like it is too much to bear. Our 6 month program combines facilitation counseling, traditional counseling, individual therapy, group therapy, alternative methods of treatment, cognitive therapy and the 12 steps. As one of the state's best dual diagnosis treatment centers, we have effective programs for individuals with mental health issues as well. The treatment track aims to change a person’s life and habits from the inside out replacing old destructive habits with new, functional ones designed for sober living.


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